Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal

Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal

Our Above Ground Swimming Pool Removal crew will dismantle and remove your above ground pool in a professional and environmentally safe manner. We have years of experience removing all different shapes, sizes, and dimensions. Round, Oval, or Rectangle pools we’ve seen them all, let the pros at KT Cleanouts dismantle and haul it away.

Call KT Cleanouts today to remove that above ground pool.  And Yes, we can take away the wood/metal decking.

swimming pool before removal -MassachusettsCall Today For Your FREE Pool Removal Estimate 

For your FREE Above Ground Pool Estimate tell us the shape, size, length and width.  Is it round? Oval?  Rectangle?   What’s the access for removal?  Are there stairs?   The Pool must be emptied of water and the electrical disconnected before removal.

swimming pool after removal - MassachusettsWe can give you a rough estimate 99% of the time right over the phone.  We’ll set up a time that’s convenient for you and arrive at your place on time.  We’ll give you an exact quote.   If the  quote is acceptable to you, we can usually do the work right away.   Let the pros dismantle and dispose your swimming pool today.



FREE Swimming Pool Removal Estimates

Each and every swimming pool removal project is unique. We provide FREE estimates and scheduling is easy with KT Cleanouts. Call us at 1-866-388-JUNK (5865) or send us an email.  Yes, we can schedule appointments for weekends.

We Want To Earn Your Business

KT Cleanouts is  family owned and operated — that means you get the best service and price for your pool or hot tub removal.  We’ve been in the junk removal/dumpster rental business since 2002.  We serve the greater Lowell MA and Southern New Hampshire area. We’re fully insured and earned a FIVE star review rating at Google, Thumbtack and Yelp.   Check out the reviews at Google Reviews, Thumbtack Reviews and Yelp Reviews.


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Call us at our toll FREE number, 1-866 388-5865.
Tell us what you want taken away!

Note: Computer monitors, Refrigerators, TVs,  ACs, Washing Machines/Clothes Dryers, Mattresses,  and Pool/Hot Tub Chemicals, are considered regulated waste.   We must surcharge these items separately.  Sorry NO hazardous material.


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