Junk Removal Testimonials – Our Customers Report



I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…..actually it’s my basement without the junk

These guys were great! I had rented a dumpster from KT Cleanouts before, but this time I needed help with a large amount of junk that had accumulated in my basement. They called to let me know they were on their way and the amount was exactly what was quoted over the phone. I would highly recommend KT Cleanouts for anyone who needs dumpster rental or junk removal services. These guys are the best!  Laura  – Lowell, MA


I got all of the junk removed from my basement

Bob and his associates at KT Cleanouts removed items from my basement. All items were removed for the price quoted. The team was on time and courteous. I highly recommend Bob and the team at KT Cleanouts to anyone looking to have junk removed from their home. I will definitely use them for my future junk removal needs!!  Tami G – Acton, MA

Getting my Mom’s house clean out from out of state and ready for sale was easy with KT Cleanouts! 

I would recommend KT Cleanouts to anyone who needs help cleaning out a house.  My mom had lived in her house for 55 years and we had to empty it.  Bob and his family and crew were very professional and respectful of everything in her house.  Everyone was a pleasure to work with and they even cleaned up each room as they finished.  I was one happy customer!    Maureen G. – Glendale, CA


Can’t Say Enough About How Great KT Cleanouts was to work with!

I can’t say enough about how great KT Cleanouts was to work with; I called them in need of quick help cleaning out an estate property that was selling.  I called on a Saturday and Bob met with me the same day.  Within one week, the work was completed at a very reasonable price.  If you could see the ‘before and after pics’ you would hire them in a minute – they work quickly and efficiently and the final results are better than you could hope for.  Our realtor admitted “I thought there was no way you could get this done” – without Bob and KT Cleanouts we would not have been able to do so.  Please don’t hesitate to call them; you’ll be very pleased!   Marilou P. – North Attleborough, MA


Understood my emotional attachment to 100 years of items in our family

“Just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all of your efforts in cleaning out my family home in Somerville, MA over the last several months.   Your thoughtfulness, compassion, efficiency and professionalism made an extremely frustrating and emotional project a lot easier for me and my family.

I am grateful that you understood my emotional attachment to 100 years of items in our family basement which someone else would only have seen as “junk”.  You took the time to listen to me speak about the “family history” behind a tool that was found, a broken piece of pipe, the numerous wine barrels or even a worn out and rusted childhood bicycle.

You are a true gentleman and a person that I now consider a friend.  Thanks again!!”   Tom D. – Somerville, MA


Highly Recommend This Company!

“I had a screen-house, a shed, and about 400 heavy cement patio bricks that needed to go. A truck cannot fit into my yard, as such everything would have to be hauled out by hand. I was going to do it myself, but soon realized it would take me several summer weekends – plus dumpster rental. After two other companies didn’t return my call, I called KT Cleanouts on a Monday afternoon. Three hours later I had an estimate and by the time I got home from work the following day everything was gone, for the price quoted. I would highly recommend this company.” Ryan G. Lowell, MA


Very professional and Very Efficient!

“KT Cleanouts were fantastic to work with. Very professional and very efficient. Their services and estimates were exactly as promised, and on a personal level they were friendly and kind, and made the process as comforting as one would hope for. Exactly the type of service one should want from a local business – which I support as much as possible. I highly recommend their services.” Andrew M. Manchester, NH


Exceeded Our Expectations!

“We needed to remove many years of unused possessions from my 92-year-old father-in-laws home. This included cleaning out his basement, garage, and second floor bedrooms. After careful consideration, we hired KT Cleanouts. They totally exceeded our expectations. They employed a systematic methodology to the job with an emphasis on recycling and charitable contributions. We especially appreciated their sensitivity toward my father-in-law in that they were removing, not only some of his property, but also some of his memories. They were kind and thoughtful while doing their best to minimize the disruption in his home as they worked. They did such a professional job that to say we strongly recommend them is almost understating the level of service and value they offer their customers.” Robert L. in Tyngsboro, MA


Testimonials on your website proved true

“Arrived on-time, Kept to the estimated price & Did a great job! Thank you very much for removing my shed.  You arrived on-time and kept to the estimated price.  “You did a great job at taking down the shed and removing it –  all within 45 minutes.   I will highly recommend KT Cleanouts. I work with over 2000 people and we share a private company website of service providers where we recommend and share our experiences with various service providers. I’m going to add KT Cleanouts to the recommended list.” Thanks, Donna L., Hopkinton, MA


A Clutter Free Garage

“KT Cleanouts came to our rescue! We hadn’t used our 2-car garage in 6 years because of all the clutter. KT Cleanouts cleared out all the clutter in less than one day and we had our garage ready for my new car. Thanks again!” Valerie A., Newton, MA


Save Time And Your Back!

“For not much more than it would have cost for a dumpster, KT Cleanouts came at a time that was convenient for me with a trailer, hauled everything out, and was finished in about 2 hours. It saved me back pain, time, damage to my driveway, and the inconvenience of a dumpster in my yard for an extended period of time. Suffice to say I will use them in the future, and recommend them to anyone I know who needs to get rid of anything.” Barry F., Sharon, MA


Selling Our House

“We sold our home and the final walk through was in 5 days! My husband thought he could clean it all in one day but after 2 days gave up and called KT Cleanouts. They not only got rid of the unwanted items but also disposed of the TV’s. Thanks, KT, for a successful walk through!” Louise B., Nashua, NH


Two Ton Removal

“I’ve been trying for the last 3 years to have someone come and remove our old steam boiler. This boiler weighed just under 2 tons. Called KT Cleanouts and with their crew, they came and in only one day removed the boiler, steam pipes, and old lawn mowers. I’d recommend KT Cleanouts to anyone needing any type of junk removal tasks!” Steve A., Concord, NH




We Want To Earn Your Business

KT Cleanouts is  family owned and operated — therefore, you get the best service and lower prices for your removal projects.  We’ve been in the junk removal/dumpster rental business since 2002.  We serve the greater Lowell MA and Southern New Hampshire area. We’re fully insured and earned a FIVE star review rating at Google, Thumbtack and Yelp.   Check out KT Cleanouts reviews at Google Reviews, Thumbtack Reviews and Yelp Reviews.

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