The payback was worth it!

It took 15 years but the payback was worth it!


Here’s a true story that was told to me by my customer.  He and his family recently sold their house in the Boston area and he was really happy, no make that ecstatic.  They had multiple offers and sold the property for more than $50K the asking price.  They rejected the highest offer because…..

As you can probably guess parking in and around the city of Boston, MA is at a premium, why a woman paid over 6 million just for a parking spot!  Not only is parking a problem but trying to get permits for construction dumpsters can be time consuming and costly.    About 15 years ago my mother was approached by our neighbor; he really wasn’t the friendliest guy, requesting if he could use her driveway for the dumpsters so he can replace the roof on his house.  My mother explained to him that her 2 children used the spot during the day and that it wouldn’t be possible.  He wasn’t happy but he appeared to understand.

Two weeks later, he again approaches my mother with the same request but this time said he would pay to rent the spots.  My mother again explained to him that her 2 children used the spot during the day and that it wouldn’t be possible.  He wasn’t happy but this time he call her a bi***!

I was furious when I hear this but there was nothing I could really do except wait…..Guess who’s offer we rejected for more than $75K.  Sometimes you wait long enough and good things will happen.  I may have lost an additional $20K but the payback was worth it!

Out of Way Places

Picture this from your front window – a beautiful view of 3 mountain peaks, 2 valleys below, and just steps from your backdoor, a secluded lake. The place you call home is set atop a hill, made of stone, and set amongst three other stone buildings, all of which are accessible only by a secluded country, dirt road.  The trip to the hilltop takes 55 minutes one-way.  One of the buildings houses a below-groundwater pool that, in the past, housed exotic fish.  The beauty of the estate and its breath-taking views mask its utility as a fire watch tower. 

Now picture, just beyond view, decades of disrepair, years of neglect and piles of refuse and debris.  Washers, dryers, rugs, furnishings and other debris litter the hillside like a decades-collage comprised of cut-out styles from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.

This house was built over many years by one man.  Upon his death the family decided to clean up the property of junk and debris on the side of the hill and sell the approximate 60 acres of prime Real Estate.

While a typical junk removal job requires four hours to complete, it took four days, 35 trips in the old pickup, and a few Tums (we were concerned about getting stuck in our own tire tracks) to get up and down that mountain to remove the debris and waste that had accumulated over the past 70 years.

But, it was worth it, because the view was breathless.

Unwashed Clothes

A few months ago I received a call from Ken, the executor of the estate for his old friend, George.  While going over the clean out process I learned that Ken and George didn’t have the closest of friendships.  In fact, Ken was George’s boss.  George never married, had no family or close friends, and lived to work.  After being forced into retirement at the age of 72, George found satisfaction and a renewed sense of feeling good about making important contributions to society in volunteering for various charities.


Unfortunately, a few months into retirement George suffered a major stroke and passed away.  Ken was shocked at the passing of his old friend and surprised that he was the executor of George’s estate.


While talking with Ken I also learned that George NEVER washed his clothes.  I thought uh-oh!  This is going to be a job messy enough for Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe™.  During the walk through of George’s condo I noted that George seemed to live like a typical male bachelor.  When we got to George’s room I took a deep breath to prepare for what I was about to see and smell.  But, I was pleasantly surprised to see that everything in his closets was brand new with the original price tags still attached.  He had new shirts, pants, shoes (6-pair!), socks, etc.  Ken told me that George hated to wash clothes so much that when they got dirty he threw them away and bought new ones!


I knew I had stumbled upon a gold mine because local charities are always in short supply of clothes for adult men.  All George’s clothes were donated to Lowell Wish Project to benefit local men in need.  I am sure that George would be pleased to know that even in death he continued to help others.


Hi Everyone,

I’m often asked what were some of your worst/best junk removal jobs.   Since I started this business in 2002 I’ve encountered many people/places/events and each has a story.  I’ll share with you the most interesting/bizarre/unusual  jobs we’ve done over the years.


Bob Gouveia